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         GENERAL INFO                    
 Stage/Band Name:     
 Member Type:  Producer
 Gender:  Male
 Age:  27
 Band Web Site:  jameilaossey.com
 Label Type:  Indie
 Genre:  R&B/Soul/Hip-Hop
 Country:  US
 SignUp Date  10/03/10

Jameil Aossey was born in Cedar Rapids IA in 1983. He began playing Piano at the ripe age of 3 when his mother enrolled him in suzuki styled lessons which is learning by sound. By the age of 6 Jameil had learned how to play both piano and drums. He drove his parents crazy with the drum set they bought for him which they kept in the basement. In 1993 Jameil made his own cassette tapes of himself singing and rapping on top of mini beats he made on a generic Yamaha keyboard. He knew then that he would be involved in music in some form or fashion. As a young teenager Jameil wanted to become a radio DJ. He used to go to 104.7 WIOT studios and watch is Uncle Mo live on the air. Then he would go home and play radio himself. He actually had a radio studio set up in his room made up of a childrens desk 2 boom boxes and gooseneck lamp used as a microphone. Jameil listens to all types of music. His Uncle Mo used to keep him up with all the new records that were coming in to the radio station. His collection is huge and to this day he still picks up new and old music weekly. “You can never have too many CD’s or records. As a Producer it’s imperative that you are always feeding your mind music. Its just as important as feeding your body food and water” Jameil said. Over the years Jameil continued to perfect the keyboard and write music. In 2000 during his sophomore year of High School Jameil booked a session at New Realm Recording Studios. “Booking that first session changed my life” Jameil said. Jameil began recording “The Gift: The Book of Screilosophy” at New Realm Recording with Owner/Producer John Sevilla. He was making his own beats and writing his own lyrics at age 16 he wanted to do it all himself. While dealing with High School graduation and the passing of his father Jameil still managed to finish the album. With the help of friend Brendan Carlin and others Jameil who was then known as “Screil” released the album in summer 2002. Shortly after that Jameil met Adam Rossi. Adam introduced Jameil to the Toledo music scene. He presented Jameil with multiple opportunities to sell and perform his music. Adam’s brother Rob aka DJ Rob Sample partnered with Jameil and became the group DJ and business partner. Rob also has a successful DJ career going as well. Jameil produced tracks for artists like Kantrell Cantlope The Rukiz Gibran Soul and many more local artists before deciding to go away to Recording School. In 2004 Jameil enrolled in The Recording Workshop where he would perform at the top of his class and become a certified Audio Engineer. Jameil was not only trained on digital recording systems but also was trained on analog systems or “reel to reel”. “You can go to a Recording School and learn everything but the real experience and knowledge comes from applying those skills afterwards. My advice is immediately after you graduate get right in to a studio or situation that allows you to apply the knowledge and practice every single day if possible that’s how you’ll really learn and master the craft” Jameil said. At 20 years old after returning from Recording School Jameil was given the opportunity to have full access to the AM shift at New Realm Recording Studios in Toledo OH. Owner John Sevilla allowed him to have access to the state of the art studio to perfect his skills in all aspects of recording. Jameil took advantage and for 8 hours a day 7 days a week he was able to practice recording mixing producing and playing his instruments along with fine tuning his songwriting skills. Day in and day out Jameil studied all aspects of the business. Jameil’s friend Justin Schmidt jumped on board and also went away to The Recording Workshop to perfect his skills. After returning Jameil and Justin put in long hours and endless nights to continue to grow as audio professionals. Also in 2004 Jameil produced multiple recordings for The America’s Pride National Drug Prevention Team. Jameil was able to travel around to different cities in the U.S. and perform the material. One of the shows in Columbus OH was a capacity crowd of 10000 which helped him gain experience in performing in large venues. That was around the time that Jameil and Saxophonist/Vocalist/Songwriter Andre Matthews began collaborating. Charles Lane a long time friend of Jameil’s was also interested in taking his career to the next level. In late 2004 Jameil and Charles began their quest for writing and producing good music together. The two recorded multiple albums worth of material that was never released. They were trying to put a style together that infuses multiple styles that nobody was doing at the time. Over the next 4 years they would continue to spend countless hours experimenting and performing opening for Proof of D12 T-Pain and Fantasia to name a few. This led Jameil in to late 2008 when he began producing “The Euphonious Suite”. Jameil finally found his place in style and was able to deliver the perfect blend of moods and grooves. Charles is featured all over the album. During the creation process Jameil Charles and Justin formed DemGuys Production LLC an independent production company specializing in multiple genre production. Jameil also founded the Independent Record Label Aossey Entertainment. When “The Euphonious Suite” was completed in April the mastering was done by Brian “Big Bass” Gardner at Bernie Grundman Mastering in Hollywood. Mr. Gardner a legend in the recording industry has mastered multi-platinum albums for 20 years. You can check his discography at berniegrundmanmastering.com. Right now “The Euphonious Suite” is selling all over the world and the single “Melodies” is an International 1 and is getting airplay all over the world. Jameil is ranked 3 overall on the RB charts and 68 overall in all genres on IndieCharts.com out of thousands of wonderful artists. Aossey Entertainment has donated a percentage of profits from “The Euphonious Suite” to the MusiCares and Grammy Foundation and will continue to donate for good cause. Currently Jameil’s company is in the process of becoming a member of the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America). Jameil is currently a member of the NARAS (National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences) The Recording Academy (Chicago Chapter) as well as a voting member of The Grammy Awards. He recently produced multiple segments featuring the lush vocals of Charles Lane for Smooth 98.1FM in Lagos Nigeria. Jameil is also producing the upcoming release for Charles Lane as well as the follow up to “The Euphonious Suite”. The release dates are TBD from Aossey Entertainment.

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Top notch production with a cool laid back vibe. Cool song..good luck man.
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all5 check us out
Nice work man! Come check out my music
555 EVERTHING hope u do the same
Check out my new track When I See U
i see u doin ya thing! check out my music! I'm young i make that real hip hop and I'm lyrical as can be!

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