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 Member Type:  Artist
 Gender:  Male
 Age:  17
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 Label Type:  Unsigned
 Genre:  Rap/Freestyle/Old Skool
 Zip:  57108
 Country:  US
 SignUp Date:  11/02/10
Born in Detroit in 1994. My Dads a Hells Angel. Orphan by age one. Adopted at age two. White Mobster. Irish-Italian and Polish descent. Started making raps in 2009. Possibly best white rapper in Sioux Falls. No record de...(Read more)
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Good shit breh keep it up
BIG BALLIN ENT LETZ GET IT !!! HOLLA we in here hey brah no struggle no progress
Dont Forget To Vote if the music is Hot!!! Check out my artist Preach if u listen u will want to Vote!
Nice beats check G.R out.
diggin the beats man work on your inflection in overall recording quality...keep it up meng check mine and vote
nicely done you have my votes 5s all the way. Check mine out and return the fav.
Good stuff! U got my vote. Feel free to check mines out. @Shorte206
feelin the beatz
Thank you for the review!!!
Keep at it homey. votin now check me out too

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Production   2.9 11 Votes
Originality   3.5 10 Votes
Sound Quality   3.1 9 Votes
Lyrics   3.4 9 Votes
Vocals   3.2 9 Votes
Artistic Theme   3.3 9 Votes
Fashion Sense   3.1 7 Votes
General Performance   3.1 8 Votes
Musical Composition   3.5 8 Votes
Beat Complexity   3.4 9 Votes
Melody   3.1 8 Votes
Instruments   3.1 7 Votes
Mixing   3.0 8 Votes
Entertaining   3.2 9 Votes
Overall Music   3.6 9 Votes
Buy their Music?   3.5 8 Votes

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