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         MUSIC VIDEO BY: Pyrex Pacino
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 Stage/Band Name:     Pyrex Pacino
 Member Type:  Artist
 Gender:  Male
 Age:  35
 Band Web Site:
 Label Type:  Indie
 Genre:  Rap/Hip-Hop/midwest
 Country:  united states
 SignUp Date  04/14/11
Ja-Raun Thomas (born February 24 1980 in Muskegon Michigan USA) currently known as Pyrex Pacino an American musician. He was formerly known as “The Chemist” in his early years” Early life: Ja-Raun Thomas was born in Muskegon Michigan. As a infant Ja-Raun and his family lived in East Muskegon but as a adolescent he spent his time at his Grandmothers house (Grandma B) on Spring Street in a neighborhood known locally as The Woo” (150 miles south east of Detroit). He eventually moved to Chicago in 2005 where he begin writing and then on to the West coast in 2007 where he resides currently. Pyrex has described his childhood as adventurous and full of mischief. He has made innumerable references in his music to his previous occupation as a Local Marijuana Dealer although he rarely provides details of his childhood in his music he had one major role model his Grandfather Robert L. Thomas Sr. “Grand Daddy”. Also according to his lyrics which may or may not be factual he was a major marijuana distributor in number states. This portion of his life has ceased as is often the case with rappers however it remains highly veiled and subject to many stereotypical judgments. That time in his life brought knowledge and great business sense to his current career objectives. However there is no doubt that Pyrex was involved at least to some degree in the illegal Drugs trade and served time in the Michigan Correctional Facilities and he is affiliated somehow with the Black P Stones. In the 90’s under the name “The Chemist” Pyrex began working along side EMAG media group and owner Cory Blackman known as” Chilla Pertilla” a local but widely known artist across the states. It was then when Pyrex got his first feel of the music industry and became interested in what Hip Hop was and meant to so many. During the late 90’s Pyrex steered away from music which lead him to a world of hustling. This time also lead to numerous stents in Jail house arrest and eventually a 3 year bid in the Michigan Correctional Facilities on a felony conviction. His time in prison gave him a chance to refocus and priorities his thoughts which lead to a restoration of his passion for Music. In December 2003 Pyrex was released from the Michigan Correctional Facilities and spent the next year . In 2006 Pyrex made his debut on the scene when he met up with Curly Hudson “The Franchise” and Mikol Cain one third of the Production group “Wild Beats Team”. Together Pyrex The Franchise and a female rapper known as Babi Ty released their first mix tape called “ Threes Company. For the next year Pyrex worked on perfecting his writing skills and in August 2007 he moved to Arizona. While in Arizona Pyrex met Tyler Campbell “Royalty the Plague” who was aspiring to be an artist also Pyrex saw something in Royalty and wanted to continue working with him. Together they formed a group called “Reign Above Society” During the same time Pyrex started Overnite Entertainment LLC. Starting Overnite Entertainment LLC was the beginning of his dreams comes true. For the next two years “Reign Above Society’ performed numerous shows on the Tempe AZ scene. Royalty would become the first artist under Overnite Entertainment LLC In early 2010 after making numerous singles Game Over Standing in the Kitchen and Inspiration Pyrex followed the release of his singles with a video to accompany each one. Pyrex worked with director Mitchell Yount “MitchWhy” a well known Michigan director. Pyrex flew coast to coast shooting in Michigan and AZ to represent where he comes from and where he is now. During summer 2010 he worked diligently to finish his debut solo mixed tape titled “Corvette Rex” hosted by DJ 1 Hunnit an up and coming DJ based out of Chicago. Pyrex also modeled for Fredrick Howards clothing line Shot Up Clothing LLC in Spring 2010 and is also featured on the companies website. ...(Read less)
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I feel you rep the mid-west. Stop by and checkout some more form the mid-west.
check out Rellion
Check me out yo u hot
nice. check me out too
Indie URL: Check me out
You gotta hear Mikey Roofless!!!G o to his page frfr
i fucks wit it good shit homie
Hey looking to do a song together? Check me out and inbox me a song wit yo hook or a beat with the concept of the song

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