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 Member Type:  Artist
 Gender:  Male
 Age:  32
 Band Web Site:  apex.bandcamp.com
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 Genre:  Hip-Hop/Hip-Hop/Soul
 Country:  US
 SignUp Date  2/13/2008
APEX the dynamic duo of the Pittsburgh hip hop circuit. Each emcee bringing his own personality experiences and well polished delivery to every composition. Aris and Pre-Sense hold their own in this evergrowing hip hop landscape but remain original when the majority seems to be conforming. A.P.E.X. was formed in 2006. It originally consisted of four members Aris Pre-Sense Ensilence and X-Cal hence the acronym. Aris Pre-Sense and X-Cal were quite the veterans going into production of their first full length album having been recording for aproximately 10 years already. Ensilence was slightly unpolished but still a tremendous artist with incredible potential. They embarked on the creation of their freshman release FACE THE MUSIK with extreme excitment and plenty of hope that the world would accept the music they were about to create and invite them in with open arms. So the recording went forth...but...anyone whos been in a group can relate to how difficult it is getting everyone on the same page when it comes to punctuality and meetings...well these were some of the tribulations A.P.E.X. would endure. And about half way thru the production of the album the inevitable happened...Ensilence and X-Cal decided to move in different directions. Aris and Pre understood X-Cals and Ensilences situations and decided they couldnt let that stop them from finishing this project they had waited so long to release so they continued on recording songs and finally finished the album and released it in June of 2008. Face The Musik the debut release from APEX was extremely well received by the hip hop community. It was nominated for Cd of the Year at the 2009 Pittsburgh Hip Hop Awards. The album features some of the scenes hottest emcees like Ayatollah Jaxx John Record and Nova and some of the worlds dopest producers such as Illmind Blackout and Czientist (who accounted for 2/3rds of the albums production). A.P.E.X. did not take home the award for Cd of the Year but people now knew the name A.P.E.X. They performed songs from FACE THE MUSIK all over the Pittsburgh area New Castle and other surrounding cities. It was a great success. Aris and Pre-Sense couldnt stop there so they got right back in the studio and started working on their next project Struggle City. But before recording could start they had to sort some things out...actually only one thing...their name. With X-Cal and Ensilence now doing their own things Aris and Pre-Sense knew that A.P.E.X. had to change their name so...they thought...and thought...and decided This is what people know us by! Weve established a name and reputation...we cant change it! Why not just the acronym and become APEX? Perfect. So now APEX was ready to manufacture another solid product for the world to hear. APEX welcomed back Czientist and an onslaught of new producers for their second release Struggle City. This album also featured some of the games top players like Beedie Mac Miller and Living Proofe. Struggle City once again recieved rave reviews to the delight of Aris and Pre-Sense and in 2010 they were nominated once again for a Pittsburgh Hip Hop Award. This time for the category of Best/Group of the Year. They didnt win but forged on encouraged and confident that they were making progress and getting recognized for what they had worked so hard at for so many years. In 2010 they promoted Struggle City heavily. They were booking shows left and right. Performing all over the city and around it while still holding down their 9 to 5s (like most Indie artists) and recording new material. Aris was also adapting to his new role of father while maintaining his husbandly duties and Pre-Sense was getting seriously involved with a lady himself. They worked and worked and worked and eventually got burnt out. They released a few songs in 2010 their biggest track being the BeatSupreme produced Home (feat the Michael Buble sample) but never compiled enough material worthy of an album release. Now in 2011 APEX is back at it. They are currently working on their third album Sound Travel. This album will be produced entirely by Czientist. Its tentatively set to be released on 7.24.11 and is anticipated to be another masterful work of art by this unstopable duo called APEX. APEX continues to evolve network and improve in all facets of the music world. Their main goal is to continue to create amazing music that touches teaches and also help our fans/friends forget about the stresses of life and just have fun and live in the moment cause you never know when your number will be called. Instrumentation Discography A.P.E.X. - FACE THE MUSIK (2008) Recorded @ Mindbender Studios -Too Good (Prod by Czientist) -The City feat Vaig and Mona (Prod by Czientist) -One More Time (Prod by illmind) -Im In Love (Prod by Sterio) APEX - Struggle City (2009) -Grow Up (Prod by Czientist) -Make It Happen feat Jamielynn and Verbal (Prod by Czientist) -Get Ready (Prod by Ulliversal) Single - Home (2010) (With Michael Buble sample.) (Prod by BeatSupreme) Single- All Of Me feat Roscoe Wiki of Common Wealth Family (2011) (Prod by Czientist) Off our upcoming album Sound Travel due out 7.24.11 www.myspace.com/apexonline www.twitter.com/apexonline www.youtube.com/klockwirk www.apexmusik.spreadshirt.com www.reverbnation.com/apexonline Heres the links to our albums if you wanna hear more...thank you for your support. Face The Musik http//itunes.apple.com/us/album/face-the-musik/id282105454 Struggle City http//itunes.apple.com/us/album/struggle-city/id343212572...(Read less)
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I smell a collabo - gave you all 5s
i just checked out and voted for your music check out my work and review thanks/ much respect.
Thats watsup keep on pushn!!!Stay up..ck me out new music on unsigned.com/frankiedagamespitta
hiphops in the bldg..good work homeys...Shouts to the czientist..he killin the trax
loving the tracks yo im voting check out my heat an return the love with a vote thanks much love swish carter
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J.Ramos Da Beginning mixtape Datpiff.com

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