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         GENERAL INFO                    
 Stage/Band Name:     Marcelle
 Member Type:  Writer
 Gender:  Female
 Age:  33
 Band Web Site:
 Label Type:  Unsigned
 Genre:  Pop
 Country:  Australia
 SignUp Date  10/22/19

Anchored by her own scarred reality yet immersed in theatrical fantasy Marcelle is a storyteller of the deliciously rebellious kind. Her beginnings span a wide spectrum of opera ballet theatre and television. Engulfed by the operatic world as a child the richness of its dramatic purity sparked magic within her ? a heightened sensory resonance that stuck. This eventually led Marcelle to the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music. Along the way she also trained in classical ballet and drama at the National Theatre followed by appearances on ?Neighbours? and two international television series. Marcelle was once a singer defined by genre. Despite the depth of power and expression offered by traditional theatrical styles she felt restricted and longed to speak her own mind to create. Expose the weeping child that?s crashing to get out. That was when everything changed. The most difficult yet exhilarating realisation that she needed to serve her authenticity and unravel its layers with her eyes open. Marcelle refuses to edit herself anymore freely embracing her relationship with her voice. Gonna cry when I want scream kick and feel and dream. She retains the potency of her past through a magnificent fusion of melodic electronica and hard-edged live musicians. Bitter and angry guitars marry seamlessly with strangely sumptuous synths in the same song. It's a production style that backs the story rather than fitting a mould. Unbounded Marcelle is on an emphatic search for a sound where melody is king production is powerful and image is theatrical. A tough task but Marcelle is different. I make the path followed. She is on a journey to express the unique sound of an artist where a song about pain should deliver pain and a playful song should elicit play. No compromise or excuses. No longer tied up in circles she sings her truth. Here is where Marcelle has landed? Falling Forward.

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