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 SignUp Date  02/02/18

Hot Day T.D.T. Entertainment (of NY promo) Progressive Music Studios (of NY) / AiPh Project / MoSoundsODA Production / RR Production / Dis-1 Recording - Production Exclusive: Metaphorical 3 From the first discovery of PM studios (with John aka Sporty (NY) and Hot Day T.D.T.Entertainment his exposure boosted with the song buzz of Mind Fist Venture. He continued with open mic performances of Mind Fist Venture song and the most critical song Thug Combo. During the making of his first album Mind Fist Venture the PM studio relocated and was his beginning stage of taking his musical styles to the next level. His exposure struggle continues with his first album as a form of a revised second Mind Fist Venture upcoming album. During his struggle as an unsigned artist he has been forced to gain his exposure with the assistances of underground producers and productions such as Mo Dis1 and RR productions who has been underrated for years. Brooklynite's exposure continues with three current demo songs titled Metaphorical demo Don't Just Hear it Listen demo and FlashFlow demo. FlashFlow demo is currently receiving massive airplay across the whole US of America and over 30 countries. Song of Metaphorical 3: Welcome. Brace yourself for.......Metaphorical 3. Mo and Brooklynite moves forward with the understanding of how the track went down in the first place. We learned the hard knock way to keep flowing and keep it moving. So we decided not to hold back. Elements was always around in Hip-Hop. Harlem said it best with of flows. Hip-Hop comes down to the flavor of what we miss and so it comes down to this. Let's save the bubble gum for later while we rock our heads to the hottest sound. Mo delivers her tune while Brooklynite explodes with an original sound. Metaphorical (Solo) introduces the original Metaphorical featuring Kieraw. Metaphorical 3 continues to send a message to those who contradict the music of Hip-Hop. Lesson learned: Brooklynite choices are All or Nothing similar to Microphone or No Microphone. Straight forward and bottom line chooseyour heart to be in it...take the Microphone. Your heart was never about music...simply don't touch the microphone. You know there is an old Queens Bridge (Mobb Deep) saying to all the know..Its always somethin'! Meant for the upcoming Mind Fist Venture Revised album. Take Metaphorical 3 home with you on -SPOTIFY- and cruise in your ride with that smooth bassline. Brooklynite Prod./ MoSoundsODA Prod. Collabo

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