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CHACHILLIE is #130 on the Top Video Charts
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         GENERAL INFO                    
 Stage/Band Name:     CHACHILLIE
 Member Type:  Artist
 Gender:  Male
 Age:  28
 Band Web Site:
 Label Type:  Indie
 Genre:  Hip-Hop
 Country:  Unites States
 SignUp Date  03/21/12

Charles Matthew Stewart better known as Chachillie was born into a musical home in Oklahoma City OK on June 1st 1983. His was a spiritual family as well with his father being a minister of a small church. At the age of 2 his father moved their family to Memphis TN to attend theological seminary. With Memphis being a hot bed for southern gangster rap as well as the home of the blues this move would prove to be a significant factor in Chachillie’s emergence as a musician. He recalls of his early days there “I remember Mom asking me what I learned in kindergarten one day and started beat boxing. I didn’t understand why she started laughing.” Chachillie’s mother was a teacher at an inner city elementary school in Memphis. She had a passion for making a difference which Chachillie would later adopt with music as his channel. Chachillie developed an ear for music at a very early age and by nine he was writing and recording his own rhymes into a fisher price recorder and by 14 he’d acquired a and started banging out his own beats. During this time in the fall of 1997 Chachillie’s mother died very suddenly of acute Leukemia. His father who had always battled with alcoholism went understandably off the deep end leaving him and his brothers alone and essentially fending for themselves. From this point on he pretty much raised himself and spent a lot of his time traveling the east coast and honing his craft as a wordsmith and musician. Sometimes homeless and sometimes selling drugs to eat but music was never forgotten. Some of this time on the road was spent touring with Funk/Hip-Hop fusion band GFE where he was mistakenly featured in XXL magazine as their front man “Angry Andy” (not an actual member of GFE). After experiences like Erykah Badu telling him “you were incredible” after a cipher at a private party and being pulled aside to be commended by Afrika Bambaataa after performing at a Zulu Nation event… it was clear what path was unfolding. At the end of 2010 Chachillie started working with Ben Gradison at D-Street Studios recording other artists and working with Ben’s non-profit to set up music studios in impoverished regions of the world. It was clear that the two shared a similar calling for helping to make the world a better place using music as their vehicle. It was here that he began work on his first official release Goosebumps on Pangea. Chachillie’s star power and drive are undeniable and there are truly no limits as to what this artist might achieve.

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Based on CHACHILLIE 's Panel Score of 7.13
CHACHILLIE 's overall genres Panel Rank position is #1185
CHACHILLIE 's Panel Rank position for the Genre of HIP-HOP is #422

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CHACHILLIE 's overall genres Member Rank position is #43852
CHACHILLIE 's Member Rank position for the Genre of HIP-HOP is #18203

Based on the Curve System for the Primary Genre of HIP-HOP
CHACHILLIE has the #123 Highest Indie Panel Score with a 7.13
CHACHILLIE 's has the #6686 Highest Member Score with a 5.000

CHACHILLIE has also made the Top Video Charts at # 130
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