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 Stage/Band Name:     
 Member Type:  Agent
 Gender:  Male
 Age:  25
 Band Web Site:  biobasement.com/kado-the-dreadlock..
 Label Type:  Indie
 Genre:  Rap/Hip-Hop/Smooth-Pop
 Country:  usa
 SignUp Date  03/03/12

Carl MorrisJr Kado The Dreadlocked Gentleman grew up in the Bay Area surrounded and by artists like E-40 Suga TToo Short and Dru Down. Constantly inspired by industry professionals in Oakland Hayward and San Leandro Kado became passionate about music and accustomed to the lifestyle of an artist at a young age. However his passion was interrupted in 8th grade when his idol Tupac was murdered. Discouraged Kado changed directions embracing life as an athlete with dreams of joining the military. Plans changed when he discovered and began to analyze Bob Marley. Re-inspired Kado emerged back into the music scene performing and entertaining friends as an emcee for fun. Kado’s love for music was put into perspective on January 16th 2011 when he was shot three times in an attempted car-jacking by a six shot thirty-eight revolver. While driving himself to the hospital on pure adrenaline he had an epiphany: music was his life and it was almost taken from him forever. Since then Kado has cherished and breathed music every day. He is known to spend up to 8 hours analyzing his reaction to beats earning him the nickname West Coast Wheezy and has dedicated his life to producing positive tracks in a negative world. He is known for inspiring change earning the nickname Hip Hop Obama and has also been referred to as Young Marley due to the amplifying power of his lungs. Kado The Dreadlocked Gentleman Kado has performed at venues across RenoNevada including The Knitting FactoryWest Street Market The CantinaThe Freight House and The Underground and has begun making a name for himself outside Nevada performing at venues like The Airliner in Los Angeles. He has collaborated with rising artists like Chillnut CellmillionDialect HD of Element Bamboo The Fresh Jelly Bread and J Paul Mercado and is a self-proclaimed old soul inspired by classics like Michael Jackson Marvin Gaye The TemptationsSmokey Robinson and Ray Charles.Kado is currently working on a mix tape scheduled to in November 2011 as well as his debut album called Microphone Dream and This is How We Do. He plans to change the world with his God given gift of music and spread the messages he’s been taught in life. BioBasement.com

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