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         GENERAL INFO                    
 Stage/Band Name:     Big Rome
 Member Type:  Artist
 Gender:  Male
 Age:  36
 Band Web Site:
 Label Type:  Indie
 Genre:  Rap/Rap/Urban
 Country:  USA
 SignUp Date  01/12/12

Big Rome Forrest City Arkansas. USA W.K. Jerome Higgs is his birth name. He was born in a small town in Southern Missouri. He moved with his mom to Arkansas back in 1985 where life got in the way of dreaming for better things. Getting involved in street politics landed him in the Department of Corrections for 3 years. Upon his release he found a new purpose and a new focus. He started a new movement with his mentor T. Rodgers. Their vision was to teach kids to stay out of street gangs and to learn how to love themselves. Big Rome joined a community Masonic organization known as Spring Grove Masonic Lodge 305 in his community. The entertainment industry knows him as Big Rome a man of many talents. Being a member of the Famous Poets Society which bought him wins in their annual poetry contest In 2002 winning poet of the year in 2003 winning honorable mention. Also a member of IMEA (International Music and Entertainment Association) in which he won song of the year in 2014. He has been nominated for numerous awards across the U.S. Also having his music played globally on FM/Internet/College Radio. He is an amazing songwriter and Artist being able to put his life story into a swag and a funk that your body automatically moves to. He has seen success with music placements in T.V./Films/Video Games ect. he has also been featured in some of the industrys most notable urban magazines. He is definitely an artist to watch. “Music Is My Passion” Says Big Rome. Don’t Expect For Him To Stop No Time Soon!

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keep doing ya thing and check my music out -unsigned hype of 2012
just gave you a review and hit da fb like button hit me back wit both ya digg
hey Guys... I got some hot new songs on my page... I Need you guys to checkout my materiaL. The SounD of The FUTuRE!
feeling your songs check me outi reviewed ya let me know what you think keep grinding
any ratings lower than 5's your computer will catch a virus and explode in your face..big rome is what it is.
good work check me out bro. lemme know what u think

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