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         GENERAL INFO                    
 Stage/Band Name:     The Kid
 Member Type:  Artist
 Gender:  Male
 Age:  24
 Band Web Site:  
 Label Type:  Unsigned
 Genre:  Hip-Hop/Rap/Motivational
 Country:  United States
 SignUp Date  06/12/11

Russ Wallace otherwise known as 'the Kid' was born on December 1 1986. He grew up listening to rock and rap but it was not until high school he realized his talent of putting his feelings into a message. Shortly after he began writing lyrics he began rapping. While most were going out on the weekends he dedicated his time to writing and recording. Before he was able to save up to get a recording studio he was rapping out of his closet. Wallace's music is heavily influenced by the band Linkin Park and other artists such as Lupe Fiasco and Eminem. His music centers around hardships inspiration and perseverance. Wallace wants listeners to be moved motivated and encouraged after listening to his music. A true artist with a successful road ahead of him.

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Grea Works All 5s Here :)
alot of people say i have super sick lyrics dont miss out plz vote comment an add to favorites ill do the same
check out my new track money all around me
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have a look a my new track call GET THAT HOT INFINADEEY KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK bro
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keep rockin fam bless an success.LOC D.A.B GETUM GANG
wat up showin sum luv that im ballin cold hit my inbox
u got it man got the talent. i voted vote back for me!

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