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 Member Type:  Artist
 Gender:  Male
 Age:  29
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 Label Type:  Indie
 Genre:  Hip-Hop/Metal
 Country:  USA
 SignUp Date  04/01/11

bio D.D..Kirkland is better known as relative he got his start in music at an early age in grade school with childhood friend Shawn Johnson also know as Mr. Dynomite he always had a gift with words an a love for music Growing up in Motown Where the music once thrived he knew that he had a calling to do anything music so he started writing every day in school an any time he had a chance even getting in trouble for it so at lunch time he had a blast raping an telling a story about the inter city where he lived .he always wanted to record a demo tape it was something about his voice that set him apart from all of the rest so in early 1997 he got his chance to record with his cousins who was already in the music business Kinfusion whos single crooket green papers top the hip hop rb carts at no 11.Lake bates of kinfusion remember how happy he was about getting to know the craft of music making Lake bates better know as Sir dolla took young Relative to the studio with producer Benny x an art Forests To start recording Faces of life the E.p where Relative got a chance to show off his skills on the singles How long an military minded where he shocked every one.he later became the First artist to the indie label Tree House records after the kinfusion split from touchwood A New York Major imprint in 1999 he performed live at summer fest 99 in Pontiac Michigan where he opened up for act like Tracie Spencer Daz Dave Holister An other big names he also did shows on the same bill as trina the miami rapper an E-40 as well as be-legit An did a Freestyle for afrika Bambaataa at the Rap Blast Detroit in late 2002 Tree House was no more an Relative had to go at music all alone so he form a indie label called MOTOR LIFE ENTERTAINMENT in aug of 2007 Where He recorded his First solo E.P Titled Haz-Mat with producer art Forests of DetroitNow with a new indie imprint an his own production company called montsirrela factory he moving forward with his own company an Hes still at it after 10 years and havent lost a beat delivering an unformular type of hip hop to the streets with hard hitting beats and lyrics you can feel. With a voice that demands the attention of the world. With angry words and the undieing will to succeed. It would most deffintly lead him to the top of the music biz. The mix tape entitled under Ground kingpin speaks about hardtimes in the urban city he calls home and the lack of suport in the music business. How ever music family and friends is the driving force that keeps the ball rolling in 2009 his sister was killed in the streets of Detroit this gave great pain to relative as an artist but did not stop him instead gave him Fuel To do what he loves to do an thats Music with the company doing business out of AtlantaGa hes in the bowels of the music industry an even closer to his dream. for booking montsirrela contact christina k at

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sick homey check mine out
nice beats and i like your flow to
Different but original!! keep it up!!!
MESSAGE ME FOR FREE MIXTAPE SLOTS! We've got a few open slot on a free promotional tape ONLY HOTTEST TRACKS ACCEPTED!!!
Hot shiit check me out.
im feelin that durty flow fam
shake it down is whats up you got my vote. check me out n vote
I gave you a 5 for originality. Chek out how im doin it in BEACH. LBC 4 LYFE
Thats some good stuff check out my boys on my page and show some love and spread the word.

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