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 Stage/Band Name:     
 Member Type:  Artist
 Gender:  Male
 Age:  30
 Band Web Site:  reverbnation.com/leeboogz202?eid=a..
 Label Type:  Unsigned
 Genre:  Hip-Hop/Rap/Lyracist
 Country:  USA
 SignUp Date  03/24/11

Hailing from Hollis Queens New York A neighborhood that has spawned many Legendary Hip-Hop RB and many DJ’s Born Leon Orr on December 25th 1980. Lee Boogz embodies all of the emotion ambition pain struggle and passion of his surroundings. Having to grow up in Foster Care Lee Boogz was forced to survive the streets and academic situations by any means. Rhyming writing and making beats since the young age of 9 Lee Boogz has evolved into a powerhouse on the microphone. His flow is unlike any other. People may compare Lee Boogz to rappers of the past and present but it is very hard to categorize him which in all helps him to stand out in the overcrowded realm of mc’s. Lee Boogz has won numerous street battles has had various live performances at many local and non local locations throughout the east coast underground radio appearances street level CD’s and more Boogz is more than ready to attack the national audience with his signature Gutatainment sound. He has been sought out by many up and coming artists and producers to feature on their songs due to his vast popularity and skill to make a song a hit. Lee Boogz has also made a name for himself via internet and mix-tapes to reach many fans admirers and supporters around the globe. Lee boogz is a regional artist. His talent to conform to any style from hardcore street to mainstream east coast to dirty south Etc. Lee Boogz is now recognized as a father and a Protector of his and surrounding Communities. Lee Boogz is the personification of GOOD MUSIC. Lee Boogz is a great example of doing things the way he intends to do it by any means taking the world by storm saying his infamous Motto” Every Moment is an Opportunity and Every Opportunity is a goldmine”.

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ay nice work man check me out
Keep doin what you do brah.Shit tite
This is tight bruh. Im feeling track 3. Check out my musi
Good looks on the love yall im goin on all ya page to vote as well..
Respect brother keep doing ur thang u got potential..got my vote
Track 3 is a winner. Rainin some bloodstones on yall. Feel free to check me out thanx
checking u out. voting for u

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