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 Member Type:  Artist
 Gender:  Male
 Age:  28
 Band Web Site:  follow me on
 Label Type:  Unsigned
 Genre:  Rap/Hip-Hop/anything
 Country:  U.S.
 SignUp Date  03/18/11

Keon Brown aka “Project” was born in Miami Fl on July 28 1982. I was raised in Hollywood FL by my grandmother which I call ma. My mother and father was never really in our lives which includes me and my five other siblings. “My mother was addicted to a few recreational drugs just to make it short and i barely knew my father all I knew was that he had a uncontrollable vice for women of all walks and sizes.” My father passed in 1999 and to this day my mother still has no dealings with my family. I lost two other brothers one which was a twin and my oldest brother. I also played football in school but i didn’t to much like it. Growing up at the age 16 I resorted to the street life of crime and negativity and found myself doing the wrong things just to survive on my own that is when I found myself in music. Every since then I have been writing and producing music of all type. “ adapting is the key to survival of all creators just take a look at the Darwin theory.......” - A “Million Dolla” Project At the age of 20 is when I started my family of three which motivates me more and more everyday to make it in this rash world. Now I’m concentrating on being a top artist from South Florida and on having the next 1 album on the billboard charts. My work consists of performing at local venues and doing collaborations with other local artists. My main objective is to focus on intrograting myself into the music industry. I realized that we can only hustle on the streets for so long before we either see the inside of a 6 by 9 cell or meet our maker instead I rather use my talent for something positive. I see the success and the positive impact we have as artists these days on the youth of America. I have a wide range of music that has inspired me in my lifetime for example Marvin Gaye Jackson 5 Barry White Prince Tina Marie etc.. just to name a few. I feel my music speaks for itself. I’m looking forward to starting a new trend. My former group P-Boyz released 4 volumes of mix tapes from 2004 thru 2009. “Gotcha Feenin” and “Guttaville” brought exposure to the group that consists of Regal Peck Flea and Jakes. We had a setback within our group in 2008. That made me realize that i needed to step out on my own this led to me becoming a solo artist that’s when I ped “Best Product Around.” Being a solo artist I feel more confident being solo rather than when I was in a group. Now i am able to focus on my full potential and finally spread my wings and soar higher than the stars themselves.

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your voice unique I dig
you live bro check me out when you can
keep doing ya thing
Salute pimp
im bk home now i can really f da game up new tracks pin asap but till ten just vote n comment vote n comment
Check out O'Yella cool stuff jus keep working i new u were a flo da boi stayin in javille but keep it cool boi
check me out and vote!
check me out only 13
Keep grinding and hustlin yo trials make u stronger u da voice for da streets love that first track for da ladies :)

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