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 Stage/Band Name:     
 Member Type:  Artist
 Gender:  Male
 Age:  25
 Band Web Site:
 Label Type:  Unsigned
 Genre:  Hip-Hop/Classical/Rap
 Country:  US
 SignUp Date  10/15/10

Bio Born and raised in Queens’ Capz spoke with a tongue already devoured in Hip Hop. Loving the sound of music since the age three to the point it was how he began to speak. His words rhymed at a very young age and already gave him the motivation of elevation to create his passion. At seven years Capz was already putting the thoughts that came natural from his mind through his pen and onto paper. Music is not a genre to him it is his life style. Everything he seen experience and did was music and he talked about it in what others call songs but he calls stories of his life. On the day to day he would listen to Kool G rap Jay-z Big Pun Nas Biggy and many others on a back in the day equipment called a walkman. Music was his culture not things he heard or wanted to do but things he knew. Although he idolized the rappers formally mentioned he would not compare his self to any. Not in a way of disrespect but because every man has a different story with a different narrator and a different sound. Capz sticking to the streets stayed with the name Capz which the streets called him. He is a man that always wants to make sense out of his words and learn from his challenges. Later moving to the west coast were the style of music is not only different from his sound but also not accustomed too. Oregon has overlooked him as a lyricist although he has all the aspiration to keep going and let his life do the talking for him in music. This man has tons of material produced laid and ready to be played. He has formed a new range for himself in a new place without losing the essence of his old days and life lived never taking his life known as music away. Capz surely lives up to the definition of what caps is meaning the maximum limit. Capz has two mix tapes and an album on the way titled Savant. Savant which is defined as a person of profound or extensive learning which can only take place if you’ve seen been gone through and understood your place in life entitled growth. This man has a highness about him that shuts down all bull and captivates on real. Having strength through his name to his album callings and definition on life he is a guaranteed success ready to motivate be motivated and succeed. Capz from the streets through the heart to the hearer for the growth always for his family and speaking only what he knows

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Should fans be judging us not us judging each other?
Come listen 2 the sexiest beat you have ever heard in your life!!! And VOTE on THE BEAT.
damn cuz real shidyou go hard
Good shit keep up the work Dont forget to checkout my artist Preach and Vote keep it real.
left a vote... return the love! Gwuala Gang!!
Trak 2 is a stunna good job. Leavin u some bloodstones. Check out my sounds
Peace family...the bars are tuff...we need to link and make something happen!! Our manager is gonna contact you!! WGI!!
Glad ur feelin da traxx Homie Down load 6 a my songz FREE at PS. Sign up as part a the fam when ur ther!
nyce!!! yu sound like a good ol school rapper
nice flow mang. your cool wit your self i can tell. review my shit bro.

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