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 Stage/Band Name:     
 Member Type:  Artist
 Gender:  Male
 Age:  25
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 Label Type:  Indie
 Genre:  Rap/Experimental/Rock
 Country:  US
 SignUp Date  08/19/10

My name is (confidential). I am known as Reign Terra of the clique called Chosen Induviduals Persuing Higher Ambitions. (the Cipha). My clique consists of 12 extremely gifted and dedicated new age artists specializing in numerous aspects of many crafts. I am ?? years old and my band members ages range from ?? - ??. Various projects are under construction at this very moment in preparation 4 the dawn of a new begining in music. This page is that of the Primary Representative for this organization. I have performed in many venues most of which were with my same clique formally known as IDPE. (I dont play ent.) We smashed the game in 2005 with IDPE the Mixtape vol. 1. It sold over 2000 copies in the metro area alone. Vol. 2 followed shortly. Sales increased as the market for selling cds on the street declined. IDPE Mixtape Vol. 3 was scheduled to be released in Feb. 2007 but was cancelled due to group complications. Now the clique has been reunited with a few new additions and some major changes. Flud da Streetz took the place of Mixtape 3 in 2008. It was created during the transition from the group to the clique. Then it hit the streetz again in 2009 in a revised version with a track added to introduce the new era. Flud da Streetz sold over 2500 copies and is now available for FREE digital download! Insanity (which followed shortly after) is also available. Also get the debut Double (HP): Tantrum. 2 sides 16 traxxx a piece for only $10.99! ... and wit my Cipha ridin wit me there is much much more 2 come!!! Get @ Us!!!

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nice sound check my pg out n vote
Ill vibe... gave u high scores. check me out it's different. you might like it...
Terra9000 go hard!!!! check out the music champ!
u go hard in tha paint i like this rida shitz!
sorry for the delay you got some nice music man and thanx for pin by showin love
FTA in the building
good music check my hot music out
You going hard dog keep that up Lil Ronnie here for more tracks go to
ok reign terra u gotta nice flow feeing ya tracks ou can stand up2 get fucked up n get back down on da floor lol

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