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 Member Type:  Artist
 Gender:  Male
 Age:  23
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 Label Type:  Unsigned
 Genre:  Rock/Jam-Band/Folk-Rock
 Country:  US
 SignUp Date  03/02/10

Coming deep from rock s each member of the shakedown brings there own style and influences. Joining forces in mid 2008 with a few Folk songs and a beat up guitar In no time they developed into a solid rock band with a live show that would get fans from 5 to 85 on there feet and dancing and have achieved some local success by landing themselves the House band for a new TV. program “The Cannabis Planet”. After Rocking Orange County and attacking all age groups the boys of the Shakedown realized that they were part of something special Show after show the magic was inevitable. Going forward as a prominent band they looked for the perfect producer to really dig deep and understand what the band is all about. After searching up and down There was only one guy to fill the shoes Andrew Nast who has worked with some of today’s top artist (Unwritten Law Big B OPM and many more). After vigorous recording hours and way to much fun The Shakedown’s “Knee Deep Limbo” is now available to the people. The band started with singer/songwriter Mitch Crowder and Bassist Matt Zwish and to there disbelief there were local musicians that wanted to be a part of this project.” Its awesome to be in a band when each band member admires the talent of each other and what they bring to the table” . Mikee Ahrndt was a singer/songwriter as well and met Mitch and Matt while playing a few acoustic shows together in the orange county area. And then… one day at practice Andy Heise just shows up with a keyboard no invite no call and ever since has been has tinkling the ivories and now with Brent Fullinton and his impeccable timing holding down the beat there is no stopping the energy that this band has created. Right now The Shakedown is growing fans in a snow ball effect and appreciates every single one. You can catch them at any of there live shows around southern California which range in length from 1 hour to 4 hours depending or watch them on “The Cannabis Planet” twice a week which enters in 4 million homes because of which has put there pictures in the New York Times High Times Magazine and the Long Beach press telegram. It’s a rare and unique bond between these six musicians and are a very dedicated and promising band. They have what it takes to captivate an audience wherever and when ever it may be.

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Nice. keep up the good work. got my vote.
gave u a five me back man. peace.
nice feel to music .
LOVE YOUR MUSIC! I listened to all of your tracks and enjoyed them all very much. High marks from me!
Good stuff guys
Good job bro keep it up
you got my vote bro vote for me

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