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         GENERAL INFO                    
 Stage/Band Name:     Ashley Buchart
 Member Type:  Artist
 Gender:  Female
 Age:  21
 Band Web Site:
 Label Type:  Unsigned
 Genre:  Country/Pop/Rock
 Country:  US
 SignUp Date  7/16/2009

“Where does that powerful sound come from? It doesn’t seem possible… Is a common question asked in the audience when petite powerhouse Ashley Buchart takes the stage. “A passion for country music and the love of performing I guess or… maybe all the way up from my big toe! “ laughingly responds Buchart. She jokes but actually was trained classically in Opera (Italian French and Spanish) Jazz and Musical Theatre at the Denver School of the Arts. Although her passion for country music raised more than a few eyebrows from her vocal coaches she knew what direction she planned to take her training and love of performing. After convincing her parents to allow her to graduate early from DSA and while attending college pop-producer Tommy Cangemi (Mandy Moore – ‘Crush’ Willa Ford – ‘I Wanna Be Bad’ MOP LFO and Rich Cronin of LFO) approached her to create her debut album ‘Trouble in a Pair of Shorts’. Its release in June of 2009 was just in time for her to perform numbers at the Songwriters Festival in Nashville TN. The album received great reviews and airplay on CO and surrounding states radio stations. “It was the start and that’s when I really knew this is what I was meant to do!” Only 18 years old Ashley made the decision to jump shift from college to the next level and pursue her music full time. Her career as a country music artist needed total focus and energy there was no looking back! Although she had been performing as a solo act since she was 14 in competitions musicals and small venues it was time to be taken seriously . The next obvious step was to put together her own band of professional musicians and hit the road. It all payed off and by August 2009 (two months later) her first professional gig was opening for National act ‘Kingbilly’. “Being a professional singer with my own band I look at as a ‘work in progress’ with all the ups and downs in the music industry. It’s never stagnant and still an adventure! I never know what will happen next but always appreciate that it’s something to learn and build on!” A short year later after making a name for herself on the honky-tonk circuit her talent caught the eye of Tyler Music Group in Nashville TN. She teamed up with producer Will Smith to create her self-titled. E.P. ‘Ashley Buchart’. “The E.P. was recorded in the world famous Sound Emporium Studios in Nashville TN. It was mind blowing and an amazing experience! I’m so lucky to have worked with such a phenomenal group of musicians and sound engineers. They gave me a lot of insight into the business. Mostly just stay the course believe in yourself and take the time to learn the ropes. You gotta pay your dues to be believed and it’s hard work! says Ashley. She was thrilled when the E.P.’s first single Call it Gone” received national airplay. The entire E.P. is available on ITunes and Amazon. On the path to ‘paying her dues’ eight short months later Ashley signed on with national booking agent Wayne Zank Enterprises. Touring all over the Mid-West/Western regions of the U.S opened new opportunities to grow exposure for the band. Touring is eye opening! Seeing the country meeting new faces in new places was a new challenge to hone her skills as a performer. “It doesn’t seem like it’s just been a little over 2 years since starting the Ashley Buchart Band.” Ashley is proud to add “The band is comprised with arguably the most talented musicians in the western region. Each player has his own extensive background in music - which translates on the stage as uniquely dynamic! We continue to fine-tune and add new numbers to our performance. It's important to us to provide something different every night to the already ‘high- energy’ show. The Ashley Buchart Band is an ever-changing ‘Wow!’ experience in country music!” “We’ve had our ups and downs but overall I keep looking forward- learning and perfecting my craft. I guess I’m pretty lucky because I love what I do! I’ve been so fortunate to have overwhelming support enthusiasm and feedback from my fans. It’s made taking the chance and living my dream as a country music singer all worthwhile!” “Unyielding ambition and spunk backed by a voice that matches her name Colorado Country Angel.” Colorado Music Buzz Magazine Country Artist spotlight June 2009 issue

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