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 Stage/Band Name:     
 Member Type:  Artist
 Gender:  Male
 Age:  21
 Band Web Site:
 Label Type:  Unsigned
 Genre:  Hip-Hop/R&B/Club
 Country:  US
 SignUp Date  6/26/2009

UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE STONE ICE PRODUCTIONS HAS REMOVED ALL OF ITS MUSIC CONTENT DUE TO THE FACT THAT UNSIGNED AND/OR INDEPENDENT ARTISTS ARE HAVING THEIR MUSIC MELODY LYRICS CATCHPHRASES AND ADLIBS STOLEN BY NATIONAL ARTISTS. ALL OTHER UNSIGNED AND OR INDEPENDENT ARTISTS PLEASE BEWARE BECAUSE THIS HAS HAPPENED TO US . IT HAS HAPPENED TO US MORE THAN ONCE AND THEY DIDNT CARE THAT IT WAS COPYWRITTEN. THANK YOU AND IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN HEARING SOME OF THE GREAT MATERIAL THAT WE COMPOSE PLEASE CONTACT US AT : STONE ICE PRODUCTIONS 480-277-8550 AND IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SPEAK TO BLESSDOGG 480-463-0968. PLEASE PROTECT YOUR MATERIAL. The BLESS DOGG BIO (BLESSDOGG) Born as Romeon in Flint michigan .Get ready for the newest vibe of Hip-Hop and RB with a twist.BlessDogg is now an Arizoniana new West Coaster of 2 Ĺ years here by way of the East Coast Michigan to be exact.Bless has been doing live performances since the age of 15. Bless has been creating original material since the tender age of 7 and began working on his underground album 7L4 in 2000.Currently Bless has his own bands as well: D.B.G(Dog.Boy.Gangstaís) RoughDraff PLUSH. Blessís influences growing up are Michael Jackson Cousin(Al Green) his mom Mrs.Edwards for having such a great son The Isley BrothersBone Thugs n Harmony granny(kathryn hall)and Mom(Shevaliejh).Bless has music in his blood.From birth till the age of 5 he had no choice but to attend rehearsals and tour the country with his mom who was lead vocalist of her Top 40ís RB / Jazz band for 9yrs.Bless features on his upcoming album the sultry vocals of Shevaliejh (mom)12 yr. old cousin Desiree and his 10 yr. old baby brother Cheeze. Bless Dogg aint-no studio gangster(just take 10 steps down the streets of flint haha ummmhumm)and this is no gospel album.Bless integrates both Smooth Mixes and Hot Dance/Club tracks with his versatile RB vocals and his Poetic Gangster/Hip-Hop Rap flavor.Soon to be released is his 1st album titled _7_L_4_meaning _G_o_d_s_ _L_a_s_t_ _D_i_s_c_i_p_l_e_.Bless vocalizes about everyday Trials Tribulations and Fun. Bless got his name from his Great Grand dad who was a Minister that knew that his life could Have been easily taken away either by a childhood illness or by the mean hands of the streets.Bless hopes that other young people out there listen and learn that they are their own inspiration and that they can overcome the impossibe by believing in themselves but still doing what they love. Bless Doggs performances are High Octane and definitely crowd pleasing from the East Coast to the West believe that! Background Information Date Started Playing: 01/01/1991 Number of Members: 0 Gender of Members: Male Band Members / Instruments: Musical Influences: Michael Jackson Cousin(Al Green) his mom Mrs.Edwards for having such a great son The Isley BrothersBone Thugs n Harmony gra Other Venues Played: 01/08/2010 08:00 PM - club central 3110 n central ave phx Arizona US Cost:na 12/07/2009 the wash Arizona 00000 Cost:N/A Deion:CHARITY BENEFIT.....Stone Ice Artists Dancers will Perform.....Will POST more Info Later!!! Thanks!! 11/14/2009 08:00 PM - Mega mix High School Re will Post later Deion:Pritty Gurlz Dancers will Perform with T.J. Jordan (Rick James James Brown Impersonator) as seen on T.V. Shows and Casinos. More Info will be availalble later. Thanks!! for more Info: contact Ma Stone @ 480 277-8550. 10/30/2009 07:00 PM - The Nest Haunted House 103rd Ave McDowell Avondale Arizona Cost:$25 Deion:98.3 RADIO Broadcasting Live: Presents the Largest and Best Haunted House in Arizona. Featuring Live Entertainment. Stone Ice Artists Performing are: BABY DOLL the Pritty Gurlz BLESSDOGG CDM MEEZO ROUGH DRAFF......BE THERE!!!!! These Stone Ice Artists Performed at the Nest Last Fri 10/16/09 also we didnít have time to Post it!! For more Info contact: Ma Sotne @ 480 277-8550. 10/21/2009 12:00 AM - The Wash After Party Deion:BLESSDOGG performing at the After Party for Mike Ike Photography!! 10/20/2009 08:00 PM - Amvets 1303 W. Grant Phx Arizona 00000 Cost:$15 Deion:Monster Bash of Comedy Comedy Jam BABY DOLL The Pritty Gurlz are Opening Act!! For More Info: Contact Ma Stone @ 480 277-8550 10/20/2009 03:00 PM - VIDEO SHOOT Private 00000 Deion:Stone Ice Artists Dancers 10/19/2009 05:00 PM - PHOTO SHOOT Deion:Stone Ice Company!! 10/17/2009 08:00 PM - VFW HALL Phxz Az Arizona Deion:PLAYERS BALL ANNUAL EVENT BY IN THE MIX PRODUCTIONS. PERFORMANCES INCLUDE:STONE ICE ARTIST AND MANY OTHERS HOSTED BY:SILK DOGG OF IN THE MIX . OTHER INFO TO BE ANNOUNCED. 09/27/2009 08:00 PM - FAMOUS SAMS 4343 W. Glendale Ave. Glendale Arizona 85301 Deion:IN THE MIX PRODUCTIONS STONE ICE ARTISTS PERFORMING THIS NIGHT INCLUDES: BABY DOLL BLESSDOGG CDM MEEZO ROUGH DRAFF AND THE PRITTY GURLZ DANCE CREW. MESA Arizona 85208 Deion:ALL ARTISTS AND DANCE CREWS ARE GOING TO BE AT THE MEETING TO TALK ABOUT UPCOMING SHOWS. 08/23/2009 08:00 PM - FAMOUS SAMS 4343 W Glendale Ave. Glendale Az Arizona 85301 Cost:$5 Deion:STONE ICE PRODUCTIONS WILL BE HOLDING A SHOW AT FAMOUS SAMS. THE FOLLOWING WILL BE PERFORMING TONIGHT BABY DOLL BLESSDOGG CDM MEEZO ROUGH DRAFF AND THE WYLD ONEZ DANCE CREW. 08/20/2009 08:00 PM - FAMOUS SAMS Deion:LINGERIE SHOW FEATURING: RUNWAYY BOOTYLISHIS OF THE PRITTY GURLZ. FOR INFO. CONTACT Shea OR Veno AT 480-347-7201 08/16/2009 08:00 PM - FAMOUS SAMS 08/15/2009 08:00 PM - FAMOUS SAMS Deion:AFTER PARTY Deion:Blessdogg will be performing in a rap battle. 08/10/2009 04:00 PM - Interviews Papa and Mama Stones House Deion:Interviews on all the Stone Ice artists. 08/07/2009 08:00 PM - Full Dress Rehersal/Meeting Deion:ALL ARTISTS AND DANCE CREWS ARE GOING TO BE AT THE MEETING TO TALK ABOUT UPCOMING SHOWS AND DRESS REHERSAL. 07/26/2009 04:30 PM - Meeting(Papa and Mama stones house) The Pinal County Complex A.J AZ Performed and appeared in an article for A.J. Independent Newspaper (_A_p_r_i_l_ _6__ _2_0_0_4_).HipHop Mic Night. Icons Headlined Show with Rap buddy Ill Reef.FlintMI The Beaverís Sports Lounge Perform at the after parties for Major HipHop acts. FlintMI The Tunnel Headlined Show.FlintM_I_ Purple Moon Headlined Show.FlintMI The Palace of Auburn Hills Performed for Annual Car Show.Auburn HillsMI Whiting Auditorium_ Flint MI Annual Cincinnati Jazz Festival Opened for Host of Major Recording Artists. Cincinnati OH Hartz Plaza Performed for Black Arts Festival. Detroit MIPine Knob Theatre Pontiac MI 93.7(WDZZ)FM Radio Station Song titled (XL) featured and played for Valentines Day.FlintMI Stardust Theatre Opened for Annual Talent Competition.MesaAZ Bash On Ashe Tempe AZ Club 112 RBRap and Hip-Hip Show.Atlanta GA J.Bís Opened for a C.D.release Party.BurtonMI Mott Community College Performed after seasons Football Game. FlintMI Avante Modeling Agency Opened at Fashion Show.FlintMI I_M_A Sports Arena Annual Talent Super Show.(1st Place) FlintMI University of Michigan Pavilion All Out Music Concert.FlintMI CoBo Arena 1998 1999 Performed during Annual Boat Show DetroitMI

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hey good music check out ya boy big yolo
damnn dude i tried to listen but it said ur music was removed cause people was stealing it...smh not coool
nicely done you have my vote 5s all the way. Check mine out and return the fav.
tight! give me a vote and a peek edtro bizzy
tight shit fam - check out some of this shit
Thanks for the love! Your music is hot i really like Ladies Store!

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