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 Stage/Band Name:     Shane Hunter
 Member Type:  Artist
 Gender:  Male
 Age:  30
 Band Web Site:
 Label Type:  Unsigned
 Genre:  Electronica/Pop/Freestyle
 Country:  USA
 SignUp Date  5/17/2009

BIOGRAPHY Shane Hunter was born April 13 1979 and grew up in Brockton MA (The City of Champions) an urban suburb 20 miles south of Boston. As the eldest brother Shane was forced to learn responsibility the day before his ninth birthday when his mother died from cancer. At this early age Shane began his maturation and developed the personality and aura that led many to believe that a new champion was developing. After years of captivating the attention of friends and family with freestyle rhymes on baseball road trips and just about anywhere there was an audience Shane decided that he had to make a serious move to realize his dream of becoming a professional entertainer. While finishing up his collegiate career at the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) Shane recorded his first songs in 2002 as a member of Dangerous Headz with the album On Tha Rise. But it wasn’t until the next year that Shane realized his dreams would ultimately become reality. On April 15 2003 at the Joint in the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas NV Shane entered a talent competition sponsored by local hip-hop radio station KLUC 98.5. Previous headliners at the Joint included Guns N’ Roses the Eagles and Justin Timberlake. While Shane’s talents were not recognized in the same competition the year prior his perseverance led him to the stage once again where he engineered what would be the first of many exhilarating crowd-bumping performances. Shane won the competition alongside Dangerous Headz member Classic and Gbang. This memorable night provided Shane the confidence necessary to progress with his professional music career. PROFESSIONAL Shane hit the big stage just one month later opening up for musical icons Kelly Rowland Snoop Dogg and LL Cool J in Summer Jam 4 held at the Thomas Mack Center May 24 2003. And amongst the chaos of live performances Shane released his first solo album under the stage name Change titled “The Verbal Assassin”. The next year Shane decided to take the biggest step of his career by moving to the culturally and musically diverse city of Miami FL. After incorporating some of Miami’s flair into his repertoire Shane released his second solo album Therapy in August 2007. Therapy began a new chapter in Shane’s life as he redeveloped his voice to profess inspirational lyrics about his life and his relationship with God. The passion Shane released in Therapy received worldwide recognition one of the tracks “Talkin’ Bout Jesus” was a top download for iTunes Europe. With two solo albums under his belt Shane decided to learn and excel in the business aspect of the music industry culminating with the creation of his record label Sky High Records LLC in 2008. This label is a testament to Shane’s formation growth and transformation in the industry from virtually nothing to eventually everything—“Sky’s the Limit” Shane continued his transformation in 2009 by adding singing to his repertoire. This combined with his lyrical fluidity and urban electronic beats lead to the generation of a new genre of World music synthesizing pop hip-hop dance and electronic styles. Shane highlighted this new style the same year in his third solo album Supersonic. Heading into the new decade Shane studied his craft and examined where his music was and determined where he believed his music should be. This resulted in the release of his fourth solo album Synergy in the summer of 2012. Synergy represents the harmony of the two tracks on the album. Shane finally had the opportunity to control his artistic vision and create his music his way. The tracks were spawned from the collaboration of Shane as a complete artist (rapper singer producer) and a diverse person. Synergy quickly garnered attention and lead to a featured interview in the “Almost Famous” segment on FOX Miami’s show Deco Drive. Shane later performed his Synergy songs during the 2012 South Florida Winterfest Boat Parade. Less than one year later in 2013 Shane has now released his fifth solo album Revolution. This album features 3 tracks all of which were co-produced by Shane and once again include all of his own original lyrics. Encompassing Shane’s previous song styles Revolution brings a new refined sound and delivery. Shane Hunter has demonstrated his ability to reinvent himself and his music and is letting the whole world hear his sound and passion. Perseverance and passion is what makes a true champion! Written by Justin Hunter

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keep grinding hommie hard work pays off i don't care if it kills u work get u where u wanna be
Good work. Trak 2 stands apart from the rest. Handin u some votes check me out.

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