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         GENERAL INFO                    
 Stage/Band Name:     TIZIK
 Member Type:  Artist
 Gender:  Male
 Age:  29
 Band Web Site:  tiziksmusic.com
 Label Type:  Unsigned
 Genre:  Hip-Hop/Rap/RB
 Country:  Canada
 SignUp Date  1/16/2009

T.I.Z.I.K. A.K.A. DAT NUGGA was born in Louis St. Anne Jamaica where he grew up on that sweet sweet reggae music. He attended school in Hanover and then Montego Bay before migrating to Canada in 1991 at the age of 10. He lived with his aunt until his mother could move into the country which then they move to a basement apartment in Toronto’s East Side. As a young Jamaican in a new place Tizik being used to his Reggae music picked up a Mobb Deep cd (The Infamous) and fell in love with the music. It was after meeting his now best friend Dwayne D-Notch Lawrence that he really started to get into the hip-hop scene and really began to season his skills on the mic. It was only about a year after that he started making beat in his teachers’ private midi lab at school. At this time he is no older that 17. Within the next year Tizik would have built a name for himself as an upcoming threat to those already doing what he wanted. He had by now been producing for other artist while writing and producing his own music. Over the next couple years Tizik would attend Trebas Institute for Audio engineering and record some great music with the group GGC (Tizik Bucky4Rukus and N-Son). Ninth Colony a group that was managed by Rhyme Shryne and a few features with independent artist at the time. Unfortunately due to unplanned mishaps and foiled plans he did not get the chance to put himself out there like he felt he should be. But now after trial and error and extreme maturity this artist is ready to orcastrate his street symphony. From production to engineering not to mention the lyrics and delivery this is what u call a seasoned artist ready for his place in the game. His music is filled with life stories political views and the things that make a young black man strong in this economy. R U ready I present to you TIZIK AKA DATNUGGA. The game changes now.

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nice music check my songs out you gone like them
check us out show the love spread us around we will do the same for you
Dont Forget To Vote if the music is Hot!!! Check out my artist Preach if u listen u will want to Vote!
nicely done you have my votes 5s all the way. Check mine out and return the fav.
got my vote check me out and vote bro
fire braaaap check out da uk flows not written all freesyles ur big
good shit homie im feelin that criminal mind bro..check me out when u get the chance..peace
check da muzik out im new too diz but my joint fire!!!!
OK!!! keep goin hard homie!!! See you @ da top!!! Check mi out !!!
u got my vote check me out sometime and return the love

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Based on TIZIK's Panel Score of 6.799
TIZIK's overall genres Panel Rank position is #4528
TIZIK's Panel Rank position for the Genre of HIP-HOP is #1771

Based on TIZIK's Member Score of 5.832
TIZIK's overall genres Member Rank position is #10166

Based on the Curve System for the Primary Genre of HIP-HOP
TIZIK has the #238 Highest Indie Panel Score with a 6.799
TIZIK's has the #2400 Highest Member Score with a 5.832
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