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hey good music check out ya boy big yolo
tune in live now!! submit music also
Come listen 2 the sexiest beat you have ever heard in your life!!! And VOTE on THE BEAT.
nice shit peep got my vote SANDADON DA BEST IN DA midwest
“ Hey its Y.N.R the young-n-reckless also known as the young kingz just dopped a sick new tracks. Check it out comment”
whats good wit it i just ped some new sauce on my page come check yo boi out and let me know what u think
In bulidin up myspace music page now the music is comin thanks for keepin it up foe a sista.... Stay Ciivl and Right....P
Yeah! Im comin back i just had to set the record wit a few cats tryin to sting their way in and in my city we crackin hea

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