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Indie URL: indiecharts.com/jcdubble

         GENERAL INFO                    
 Stage/Band Name:     
 Member Type:  Artist
 Gender:  Female
 Age:  30
 Band Web Site:  reverbnation.com/jcdubble08
 Label Type:  Unsigned
 Genre:  Rap/Rap/RB
 Country:  US
 SignUp Date  11/12/2008

Ya Girl JCdubble Born Joi Clarece Williamson.I was born and raised in Columbia South Carolina. Growing up in a house hold with out my father there my grandmother made sure that i didnt become a victim of the streets. I started going to church a young age and thats when my dream started a long time ago! I was 2 years old on a local Church youth choir! Sing and Leading songs then at the age 8 I entered a school talent show and won! Listening to my favorite Artist Boyz 2 Men they lead me to start writing at age 12. Still in the church I formed a group Called Harmony of Praise. Where we preformed at several Local churches and talent shows winning Trophies that are at the church. Later the group fell apart because everyone had there own direction in life and I Became a solo Artist in 1999. All my music is written by me. So I came up with my name Ya Girl J.C.Dubble because it is my initials of my real name but instead of W I just say Dubble.Later I changed it in 2007 to Jewels when a person that didnt know me very long gave me the Nick name. In 2008 I begain to do several collaborations with a varity of Artist Big Rome From Big Rome ENT. GSC Stak G. N-Tro Taz-Z-Fresh Zo Dexel Nic Caz BIG B TOP Beats The General the Jamaican Boy Big Boyz Musicand Many more. Also in 2008 I my first Album call Jcdubble Unique which is on sale at Itunes and Amazon.I also a mix-tape in 2008 called Go Get It which is in Heavy Rotation in the ABC Community and many more in Columbia. I sold over 500 units which is good for a Artist with no real Promotional backing behind it. At the end of 2008 and 2009 i begin getting Airplay on several Internet and International Radio Stations. Now for the year of 2010 I am Currently working on a New Mix-Tape and Just release my Single (ON THE DANCE FLOOR) off my Upcoming Album Called Living My Dream.

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wats g ma check me out/vote 4 me an ill do da same
check out my heat an review an comment an ill do the same plz so they can know whats good an whats not!!i like tracks yo
love it check me out
Wuz good shawty
hey good music check out ya boy big yolo
Much Love and Respect To ya from Your Brother In the Gospel Bless Life!!!
Cool profile. I'm Recording Artist Dayda Bass.Uncover Discover my world premiere New Music and Video's give a Review
Keep up the good work!!!!

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Based on JCDUBBLESTACKS's Panel Score of 6.78
JCDUBBLESTACKS's overall genres Panel Rank position is #4397
JCDUBBLESTACKS's Panel Rank position for the Genre of RAP is #846

Based on JCDUBBLESTACKS's Member Score of 6.808
JCDUBBLESTACKS's overall genres Member Rank position is #29
JCDUBBLESTACKS's Member Rank position for the Genre of RAP is #1

Based on the Curve System for the Primary Genre of RAP
JCDUBBLESTACKS has the #167 Highest Indie Panel Score with a 6.78
JCDUBBLESTACKS's has the #1 Highest Member Score with a 6.808
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Originality   4.8 324 Votes
Sound Quality   4.8 318 Votes
Lyrics   4.8 317 Votes
Vocals   4.8 305 Votes
Artistic Theme   4.8 297 Votes
Fashion Sense   4.8 285 Votes
General Performance   4.8 285 Votes
Musical Composition   4.8 282 Votes
Beat Complexity   4.8 286 Votes
Melody   4.8 295 Votes
Instruments   4.8 281 Votes
Mixing   4.8 280 Votes
Entertaining   4.8 295 Votes
Overall Music   4.8 314 Votes
Buy their Music?   4.8 320 Votes

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