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 Stage/Band Name:     
 Member Type:  Artist
 Gender:  Female
 Age:  52
 Band Web Site:
 Label Type:  Indie
 Genre:  Christian/Christian/Gospel
 Country:  US
 SignUp Date  3/31/2008

Diane Bailey a native New Yorker began singing at an early age. Growing up through a complicated childhood she found solace in singing. Performing in school choirs talent shows and school plays triggered a desire to develop her career as a Solo Artist. Diane decided to work with an independent record company called DM Productions and recorded her first RB single Best Friends. This recording opened doors for other opportunities. Diane left DM Production and was managed by Chris Curry of Chris Curry Production. Mr. Curry gave Diane the opportunity to do other recordings such as: “Slow Dance” and a musical group project called “Stop The Violence” which aired on 98.7 Kiss FM. She had the opportunity to open up for artist such as: Harold Melvin Blue Notes Blue Magic Cuba Gooding Ray Goodman Brown Colonel Abrams and Chris Curry. Diane performed through out the tri-state area. In working with Mr. Curry Diane developed an explosive vocal sound and dynamic stage presence. She performed in various clubs and cable TV shows which delighted audiences throughout the Tri-State area. Diane credits Mr. Curry with developing her stage presence and vocal structure into what it is today. Diane is now a Gospel Recording Artist and continues to hold on to her dream. She felt led to spread Gods message of love joy and healing to His people. Diane has become very sensitive in her style of singing her voice explodes with emotion that touches the heart of many. Diane feels being in the presence of God makes all things possible just worship Him and allow His Power to move. Diane wants to be in a position to help others hear Gods word and develop faith. Diane gives God all the Glory and wants to be all she can be for JESUS. Gods love and showing love to others is a vital part of her Life. Diane is undeniably an anointed gospel performer she has a dynamic ministry and a sweet spirit that will light up a room. Diane had been a member of Harlem Tabernacle NY for 12 years Diane was ordained as a Minister and serves as one of the Praise and Worship Leaders. She states” I am eager to fulfill my purpose I understand that God is my creator and my life is in his hands so I yield totally to the throne of God for his guidance. Ministry of Songs Credits: • Ulysses S. Grant Birthday Celebration April 2001 2003 • Mission Trips: Barbados Curacao-Oct. 30th-Nov.5th 2000 • Soul Saving Station-Harlem N.Y. 2000 • Salvation Army-Harlem- N.Y. 2000 • Pilgrim Church-Concourse-Bx N.Y. 1999/2000 • “My Father’s Will”1999. • Special Music for Pastor Dr. Earl Johnson Feb. 11th-13th 1998 • North Carolina @ Chapel Hill Church-Charlotte • Governor George Pataki-African American History Month-Albany N.Y. Feb.3rd 1998 • Harlem Tabernacle Church’s 1997 Woman’s Conference • Greater Zion Baptist Church Choir Anniversary June 23 1996 • Harlem Tabernacle Present” My Father Will” April 1999 as Mary Magdalene • HIV AID Balm Gilliad Breakfast “ • Women Prison/Youth detention facility Bronx ” Diane and Her Husband Rick Bailey utive producers of Sheila Ingram CD “Lord I Thank You Hudson Black Festival in Hudson NY This CD He Lives was produce by a few of her friends. Started out with CTS Productions in the Bronx I’ve Been Renewed and I Worship You. Mr. Oney from I.N.G.Studio/Jose Lavandier Mt. Vernon NY co-Produce. Sean Reddick from Bronx/North Carolina Co-producer of He Lives I Confess and Start To Praise Him Jose/Sean. The finishing co-production arrangement and created tracks for Holy Spirit and Touch was Traviso Milner Long Island NY/California.

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Much Love and Respect To ya from Your Brother In the Gospel Bless Life!!!
Nice I can feel you and I see where you are going with this projectIam waiting to see whats next
I agree your production do need some help but you still have our vote check us out.
would love a review if you have time.
I loved the lyrics. the production needs a little work. I would like for you to give mines a listen if you would? Thanks!
I think you have a very nice voice. Good lyricsnice production. You get my vote. Feel free to listen to my music.

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