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 Member Type:  Artist
 Gender:  Male
 Age:  27
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 Label Type:  Indie
 Genre:  Country/Southern-Rock/Country
 Country:  US
 SignUp Date  3/16/2008

As a young boy Shelby and his family moved to Loveland Colorado from Ludlow IL where music exploded into Shelby's life and awakened his talents. He soon realized singing would become a permanent way of life and joined a local church choir at age 14. Before long Shelby was performing in barbershop choirs schools and anywhere he could find an audience that would listen. Early on he was exposed to many musical genres but coming to the forefront was country and rock-n-roll. His musical influences were George Strait Randy Travis Garth Brooks Styx Gospel Music and an acapella group called The Bobs. With this varied musical background Shelby became a well-rounded singer yet he still remained country like his own s. Shelby moved to Nashville to be closer to the heart of country music and since arriving in ”Music City” he has performed live across America and released his debut album “The Rest of the Dream”. From this album came the widespread airplay single “Baby I Bet” and TOP 20 status in the New Music Weekly Charts. Then came sponsorships in the USA from Nixa Country radio Silver Eagle Bus Manufacturers and Peavey plus lots of autograph signing at packed out venues each time Shelby performed. As a songwriter Shelby is a member of BMI and has already collaborated with and performed songs from some of the best writers in Nashville today. He is also an accomplished producer and engineer. Shelby has performed at the prestigious CMA Festival in Nashville held every year in June for the past 4 years. This year he played 2 shows for the fans drawing a large crowd to his sound from over a city block away in downtown Nashville. Every year Shelby hosts an After CMA Festival Cookout that brings a number of independent artists and people in the music industry out to relax and have a good time playing eating and basically having fun! For the past several years the event was broadcast live on Nixa Country radio. With the success of the last few years Shelby has signed with “cutting-edge” Nashville Indy label Reptile Records and released a new album entitled “Keep Me Off The Street”. The disc produced by Scott Tutt (known for his work with Alabama and other country stars like Conway Twitty Loretta Lynn and even “king of pop” Michael Jackson) contains 11 songs written by Shelby and some fine Nashville songwriters. On the recording Tutt and Shelby put together a great group of Nashville studio musicians that were able to deliver Shelby’s signature country sound. Title song “Keep Me Off The Street” is a heartfelt story of todays hard times trying to keep a home and not ending up living out on the street. Shelby has recently signed with Wildeagle Promotions in Ireland and the UK and already his music has moved onto radio stations in Ireland the UK and has even hit Australian radio. Currently Shelby and Wildeagle Promotions are negotiating to bring a Shelby Horner tour to Ireland and the UK the summer 2012. It was the owner of Wildeagle Promotions Keith Wright a country radio DJ in Northern Ireland along with Felix Healy former Derry City Player manager and Northern Ireland world cup player who first played Shelby on L/Derry radio Drive105.3fm. With the International release of a new album on a new label bookings throughout the Southeast and Southwest US European and Australian radio airplay and a future European tour Shelby Horner is taking his country music to the World! Reptile Records – P.O. Box 121213 – Nashville TN 37212 – 615.331.7404 –

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Great stuff all 5s!
Hey check out my page got hot tracks! like my page follow on and buy single on itunes.
Gave You High 5s All The Way:)
Enjoyed Listening You Music All 5s
Really Like your music !!Cheers
Good stuff! U got my vote. Feel free to check mines out. @Shorte206
Good Luck Shelby Brandi Eddie
add me if you feelin me i give honest review hope u return the favor
nice sound and performance good stuff re listen worthy
wassup Buddy!!

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