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 Stage/Band Name:     
 Member Type:  Artist
 Gender:  Female
 Age:  34
 Band Web Site:
 Label Type:  Unsigned
 Genre:  Christian-Rap/Rap/R&B
 Country:  US
 SignUp Date  11/10/2007

Born Latisha Nicole MsTish is a female holy hip hop Rapper Singer who is making her mark by showcasing her powerful anointing. MsTish! uses her rap style to share Her Faith...To reach places that other styles could never enter. Unlike secular rap which frequently glorifies sex drinking violence and drugs MsTish! Holy Hip Hop focuses on The One who can deliver you from those things.... The angelic songbird soared to new heights with her Single Comprehending KnowledgeThru the faithful following and comments of her fans Comprehending Knowledge Provided Thought provoking Lyrics energy and emotion ...Latisha was Blessed with a family in Pulaski IL who raised her with morals and standards that gave her the heart and encouragement she needed to become MsTish! She was raised as country girl. Her singing began when she was a little girl in church @ St. John Missionary Baptist Church under the pastoral leadership of Robert L. James she was a singing missionary in IL. MsTish! Preteen life continued in the music industry with many endeavors including performances @ Meridian Ele. Meridian High School St. Rafford The streets of Cairo IL The Cavalier Club and The Taste in Cape Gir MO Carbondale IL . She classmate Terrance Jackson BO Recorded rap duet Sunny Blue Skiesin 1997. MsTish!. She Started a family and she has 2 sons Montrey Isidro whos been by her side throughout her career who she cares for daily and loves dearly. In 2000 Latisha Moved to Memphis Tn. to start her journey in life as MsTish!......MsTish In 2001 gave her life to The LORD began recording and singing background For LEA(WDIA)...Big Daddy( New Jaxx Records)...C.J.(Dogmatic Records).... Darin Tate (Tracman Productions).She Was Offered...( By Her Mentor Leah) a supporting leading role Donna in Something About Success! Early 2005. She Was A Call Back For a Speaking role In Black Snake Moan late 2005(John Singleton). A single was Made 2006. Joey Anderson of Studio 3074 completed The Project..... (Comprehending Knowledge).... After Debuting “Comprehending Knowledge(July 28-29 2007)...MsTish! Was Offered And Accepted GUEST Starring Role Prophetess Michelle Rivers-Reid. (Presenting in acting and song... Comprehending Knowledge ) ....In the Stage Play “A Changed Mind!....In Atlanta....Written Directed By Russell M. Tyson.. MsTish! Recently remixed...several times.... her new hit single Comprehending Knowledge..So All will understand...Even in the UK...MsTish! Recently worked with Minista! Of Dramamobb to help with her tracks for her CD. MsTish! Is Still In The Process Of Completing Her CD.... Spirit Truth....But She has taken some time off to fully acknowledge the BLESSINGS she has received ..MsTish! During her career grew an interest in writing and writes to inspire and offer words of encouragement to the young and the old on MySpace/ face book / gather/ twitter. MsTish! Also have a few introductory videos of her on YouTube...MsTish! Is now working on several collaborations looking forward to introducing them to the music industry.....Though she is not in the spotlight right now she continues to write music and write to inspire her fans. MsTish! Music can be summed up and properly described by this word: Phenomenal. This young artist possesses a style that is clearly unmatched and extremely professional. Therefore those who listen To MsTish! Please truly take in her full talents and abilities and not just one dimension of her music. She is truly a gifted person sent here from Our Father. The Success and accomplishments came from turning her negatives into her positives.........More Is To Come!!

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Keep Holdin it down for Christ Sista!! showin love God Bless..
hey if you can check out the new video at
very nice! I Like! I had to add you to my favorites. If you get a chance please listen and rate my music. Thanks
good production work Track 2 stands out. Givin u some votes. check me outThanx
Vote For MsTish!
And so as we mark the special day for mothers this year let us give them a break from their daily household chores. We ca
Look for Latisha Nicole On FaceBook!!
Join MsTish! on Facebook and Myspace.....Blessings!!

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