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 Stage/Band Name:     
 Member Type:  Artist
 Gender:  Male
 Age:  26
 Band Web Site:
 Label Type:  Unsigned
 Genre:  Rap/Hip-Hop/Acappella
 Country:  US
 SignUp Date  5/27/2007

Dreadchild of the hip hop group Knotz is finally stepping out with his brand new solo album “The Ladder”. He has performed at well over 300 venues in the past five years along with the group comprised of blood brothers Aswad Mikal and the late Mega-Ton and has supported several major acts including Chamillionaire Common The Roots Busta Rhymes Talib Kweli Ja Rule Papoose MF Doom Rahzel Immortal Technique J-Hood and Fruit Kwan (Grave Diggaz). Dreadchild is anxiously looking forward to performing his solo works to a wide audience and judging from the vibes emanating from the release of his new single I Dont Make Believe featuring Nature his solo act promises to be a must see event. Adding to his hip hop resume Dreadchild is also a producer graphic designer and film editor. Dreadchild not unlike his group is on a personal mission to revive the ailing hip-hop scene. Performing with Knotz he has mesmerized audiences with his dynamic energy-packed performances blending conscious lyricism and crowd participation to set their live show apart from the current hip-hop fray. Colleges universities and commercial venues agree that this group is something special to see live. In 2007 The Independent Artist Registry named Knotz IndiE Award winner for Independent Artist of the Year. Several magazines and industry source books such as The Music Phone Book Mic Magazine and AnR Magazine in Australia featured Knotz in 2007. In 2008 the group showcased at the Millennium Music Conference 12 (MMC12) in Harrisburg PA in February. The Knotz were ed as a FINALIST for Best Duo/Group for the 2008 Central PA Hip-Hop Awards. Members of the Independent Artist Company (IAC) also nominated their song The Bounce for the prestigious IAIA 2008 Golden Kayak Award for Best Hip Hop/Rap Song. You can find feature articles on Knotz in the January-2008 issue of Jenesis Magazine the February 22 2008 issue of Sharp Magazine and in the upcoming April-2008 issue of Lyricist Magazine. Accomplishments 2011: Dread Child records new single Offical Documents Feat. Aswad Mikal of (Knotz) and Fred The God Son 2011: Dread Childs single I Dont Make Believe ranking on several radio and internet radio charts 2011: Dread Child releases new single feat. Nature formerly of the Firm and Aftermath and produced by Don Wil called I Dont Make Believe 2010: Dread Child records new single feat. Nature formerly of the Firm and Aftermath and produced by Don Wil called I Dont Make Believe 2010: January 13 instrumental of Knotz track If Ya Wit It Feat Melissa Gunderson was played on American Idol 2010: Aswad Mikal of Knotz is working on marketing deals with major beverage companies 2010: Knotz currently recording 3 albums (The Ladder DreadChild solo Chemical Reaction Knotz The Return Aswad Mikal solo) 2009: DreadChild of Knotz appeared on B.L.A.M DVDs theme song 2008: Knotz single Come On Baby ft. Logan and Frenzi ed by SYNCUP for licensing representation 2008: 11 songs ed for inclusion in the IDC catalog for licensing representation 2008: Signed a ringtone deal with Vio Mobile for affiliation with 128+ wireless carriers 2008: Opened for Chamillionaire on April 18 at Keene State College (Keene NH) 2008: Performed at the Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration at Rutgers U. (Newark NJ) 2008: The Bounce by Knotz nominated for Best Hip Hop/Rap Song for the 2008 IAIA Golden Kayak Awards 2008: Nominated as a Finalist for Best Duo/Group for the Central PA Hip-Hop Awards 2008: Featured in Sharp Magazine (Pocono Record) 2008: Performed as a showcase artist at the Music Millennium Conference (MMC12) 2008: Featured in Jenesis Magazine 2007: Knotz headline The Cold War in Hip-Hop Concert 2007: Open for Ja Rule 2007: Open for Papoose 2007: Knotz tour the East Coast on grasss Antidote Hip-Hop tour. 2007: Two Knotz songs added to Insomniace Magazine radio CD. 2007: Featured in mid-September issue of AnR Magazine. 2007: THE ANTIDOTE the Ep released on Aug 1 2007. 2007: Featured in 2007 Music Phone Book 2007: Jan Appeared on 1 2007: Appeared on top 10 2006: Independent Artist Registry Indie Artist Award Winners 2006: Performed at the Urban Musicnoize Conference 2006: Appeared in Mic Magazines vol 3.3 Mic Check section 2006: Dj Captain Celsius Mixtape Budunkadunk mixtape released Poizunous Paragrafz Volume 1 2005: Singles Bon Voyage and Crime in da City are released on Dj Wattss mixtape Tommys Way. 2004: How We Get Down single is released by Insomniac Music perform at The Delancy in NYC. 2003: Knotz performs at the Brooklyn Lyceum. 2003: Knotz perform at Penn Relays (Resurection of HipHop) opening for Common Talib J-Hood 2002: Move single is released on Insomniac Magazines EP Strategic Infiltration 2002: Perform at Insomniac Magazines 6th anniversary show in Orlando with MF Doom Tribeca. 2000: Download EP is released December 11th. 1998: Knotz opened for Busta Rhymes at Hofstra University NY. 1995: Catch Wreck 95 RCA Dome Indianapolis Indiana (BET). Discography (1999) Harvest Music Knotz Landin (2000) Damali Records presents Download: A KNOTZ Project (full album) (2002) Insomniac Magazine Strategic Infiltration track Move(single) (2002) Dj Celcius mixtape-Blackout Season(single) (2003) Insomniac Magazine National Hip-hop radio CD track How we get down(single) (2003) Appearance on DOA and the Break bandits mix tape exclusive freestyle - KNOTZ (2005) Dj Watts mixtapeTommys Way (multiple tracks) (2006) Dj Captain Celcius mixtape -The Bodonkadonk-Bon Voyage (2006) Poizunous Paragrafz Vol.1 (full album) (2007) Black Rain feat. Najwa (single) (2007) The Antidote EP (2007) Insomniac Magazine Radio CD (2007) Australian Music Marketing Abroad music licensing CD (2007) Thugz N Drugz Mixtape Vol. 1 hosted by DJ Woogie of Shadyville Records (2008) The Formula (full album) (2009) B.L.A.M DVD Theme Song (2010) Knotz Present C.P.R the mixtape (2010) The Ladder DreadChild solo (full album) (2010) Chemical Reaction (Full Album) (2010) Return Of The Angel Mikal solo (Full Album)

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tell me wht u thnk good or bad long as its 100
You nice. You should go to and join a league for free. $10k competition -SiLO reffered you-
Dont Forget To Vote if the music is Hot!!! Check out my artist Preach if u listen u will want to Vote!
keep at it holmes.. peep ma ish n throw a vote
Good music.Check out my music if you wanna calabo Hit me up! PLs Vote.
NICE SHYT reminds me of THE RUBBER ROOM in CHI.back in the day!IF YOU LIKE THIS -CHECK ME
You have a classic rappin approach i like that! You get my vote. Check out my compositions.
fresh tracks man. i like that bounce.

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Based on Knotz's Panel Score of 7.12
Knotz's overall genres Panel Rank position is #1212
Knotz's Panel Rank position for the Genre of RAP is #146

Based on Knotz's Member Score of 5.764
Knotz's overall genres Member Rank position is #14690
Knotz's Member Rank position for the Genre of RAP is #3004

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Knotz has the #77 Highest Indie Panel Score with a 7.12
Knotz's has the #1785 Highest Member Score with a 5.764

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