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 Stage/Band Name:     
 Member Type:  Artist
 Gender:  Male
 Age:  35
 Band Web Site:
 Label Type:  Unsigned
 Genre:  Metal/Alternative/Gothic
 Country:  CA
 SignUp Date  5/17/2007

Bone Trigger Experience dedication and well-written music form the backbone of this extraordinary five-piece rock band from Toronto Ontario Canada. Their sound is a synergistic explosion of intelligently layered heavy grooves and emotionally charged vocals complimented by melodic leads and subtle overtones. Bone Trigger’s harnessed passions and high energy find release in dynamic performances that leave audiences suspended on an endless wave of musical invention. Carlos Demelo Bone Triggers front man and songwriter wrote and performed as lead guitarist for Toronto’s Hellz Kitchen Show. During this time Carlos developed his strong stage presence and opened for acts such as Marilyn Manson Dope Not By Choice Danko Jones Robin Black and the IRS LA Guns and Nash the Slash. Carlos fine-tuned his writing and studio skills working with industry respected producers such as Rick Anderson (Rush) and Sean Gregory (Emerald Rain). In the year 2007 Carlos formed Bone Trigger with Pete Walsh on lead guitar Darren Lazary on rhythm guitar James Dowell on Bass and Rene Martineau on drums. Bone Trigger released a demo CD in 2008 consists of 4 original tracks that received attention on and and have charted in the top ten on and They have won both the local and international battle of the bands contest for (The Worlds Biggest Challenge). This allowed them to share the stage live with Alexisonfire Julian Marley and Bad Religion. In addition Bone Trigger won the (Battle of the Bands) competition and placed 2nd for the radio Y108 breakout challenge contest for the Hamilton Ontario “Rogers Spring Festival”. Even though Bone Trigger placed 2nd they captured the attention of the promoters and was asked to participate in the festival regardless of placing 2nd. Bone Trigger wrote and compiled nine original tracks with a supporting video {The Bone Show) for the Erotic thriller Film “Twisted Tables” ( released in Canada and the U.S. by Osk Productions. As well for the T.V show “The art of building bodies” ( aired on “E-entertainment and The Man Channel”. Bone Trigger released there CD titled “Who’s On Top!” In 2009 coupled with an array of merchandise and a supporting music video for the track “S.E.X”. For 2010 Bone Trigger will be playing an array of shows throughout the year and will be releasing a 3 track CD containing two original tracks and one club re-mix of the title track “FANCY FEAST” along with a supporting video. Thereafter they will be releasing the anticipated follow-up CD “NOW” in the latter of the year. Contact: Carlos Demelo 416-912-9228

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Its AUTOMATIC! Flipping Awesome!!

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