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Indie URL: indiecharts.com/9gotti

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         GENERAL INFO                    
 Stage/Band Name:     9Gotti Country God
 Member Type:  Artist
 Gender:  Male
 Age:  28
 Band Web Site:  reverbnation.com/9gotti
 Label Type:  Unsigned
 Genre:  Hip-Hop/Rap/Club
 Country:  US
 SignUp Date  5/17/2007

9Gotti (A.K.A. Mr. Network Da Mayor JR Pimpin Stack Gold Mouth) is a rapper producer and RB singer from Atlanta GA. Listeners sometimes compare him to artists like Rick Ross Lil Wayne Drake Young Jeezy or T-Pain but 9Gotti prefers not to be compared to anybody. Says 9Gotti: “I’m doing me! Taking my music outside of the box. I’m not scared to take a chance.” 9Gotti's latest album “Swaglanta” has earned widespread praise and the leadoff single on the album “iGet Money” has had more than 20000 downloads. He is currently working on numerous projects and continues adding to his over 100 mixtape appearances. Growing up on Atlanta's South Side 9Gotti always had a love of music. As a child he would often dance or try to beat on things sing or rap. Music has always been in his DNA. He has been rapping since the age of 4 and at the age of 8 he wrote his first song. At 13 9Gotti wrote produced and recorded his first song and began a lifelong passion for music that continues to drive him to this day. When 9Gotti was a teenager his family moved to the North Side of Atlanta and his music ambitions took off. Lead by himself and Jay Capone the group N.A.B. began recording music. Local exposure followed fueled by appearances on the popular local mixtape series “Crunk City.” This lead to 9Gotti working with the group Y.B.L. that secured a recording contract with Pure Pain Records. After the untimely death of Pure Pain's star artist Camoflauge 9Gotti and Y.B.L. went their separate ways. 9Gotti then signed to 3C Recordings with then collaborated with Huntsville artist Skinny Mann to release the album “Iceberg Polo” as Gold Mouth Skinny Mann. 9Gotti later reunited with N.A.B. and released the singles “Dickies” and “Wassup Ho” which earned radio play through Atlanta. Working with Shawty Lo and D4L lead to N.A.B. releasing their biggest hit “Go Head.” The group N.A.B. was put on hold and 9Gotti began focusing on his own music and on starting his label Game Tyte Music Group (then Game Tyte Entertainment). Promotion efforts have found 9Gotti recording several exclusive solo mixtapes with well-known DJ's appearing on dozens of mixtapes from DJ's throughout North America and Europe and performing at shows throughout the Southeast. 9Gotti's popularity in Florida especially lead to him winning awards from Slip n Slide DJ's and The United DJ Alliance. 9Gotti's mixtape “Hustlemania” with DJ Nelly Nell was especially well received eventually leading to nearly 20000 downloads and hard copies distributed across the entire US. 9Gotti released an EP “Can I Get Paid?” and an album “Swaglanta” both distributed digitally through most major online music stores including iTunes and Amazon. Collaborating with Dough From Da Go of Dough Muzik 9Gotti is preparing to release “Mr. Network” with appearances from numerous major artists. He is also affiliated with Da Black Al Capone and 1-800-StarvinArtists/Clover G and is working on a project titled “Internet Junkies” with Da Black Al Capone and featuring other well-known artists.

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