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 Age:  33
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 Genre:  Country/Classic-Rock/Country
 Country:  US
 SignUp Date  2/7/2008

From the age of 10 music has been a powerful force in my life. My father Robert Earnest Watkins Jr. left me when I was very young. Still certain parts of his legacy were among the little things that gave me a taste for music. My grandparents my mother and my own exploration into self paved the way for it all. I cut my teeth on the music of Elvis Presley when I was 10 as well as Waylon and Willie and Randy Travis. I learned the guitar and began writing at age 11. My first performance guitar was a Fender acoustic I got when I was 15. My best friend in high school James Burke played a Stratocaster and was real big on Garth Brooks and Chris Ledoux. I was into George Strait’s music and together we entered a talent show. We got second place. But I didn’t give up. My thirst for the stage began in 1992 my first performance on a stage. It was the year “Pure Country” came out and I had already learned most of George Strait’s songs. It was my dream to play Honky Tonk and Western Swing much like him. I sang “I Cross My Heart” on that same stage a year later and seeing the reaction of the crowd I knew in my heart that this was where I belonged. Unfortunately the type of scenario I had for it never played out very well and I was discouraged. I put up the guitar for several years afterward but then one day late summer 2006 everything changed. It was a major turning point in my life. At age 29 when I had almost given up on music and even life itself I met and partnered with Tina Reza in Austin Texas. I had just moved to Austin in July of 2006 and was playing my guitar at a coffee house when a man sat down to speak with me. He told me he was about to propose to his girlfriend and asked if I could write a song for them if she said yes. I immediately began to write a short but sweet little song for them and sang it as he got down on one knee. Tina saw what I did heard the song and approached me about working together. I was skeptical but didn’t have much else happening for me so I gave it a shot. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made. I played solo gigs for a year or two and in 2008 began to create my band. It took awhile but the band came together and I couldn’t be happier. My first CD “Has Anybody Seen Me?” was created in late 2007. The 9th song on the CD “Baby Girl” sparked a huge response from mothers all over the U.S. and in other countries as well. It is the theme for our Missing Children endeavor. It is used by many MySpace folks as their profile song and is becoming a symbol of hope for families who have lost a child or are currently searching for their lost loved ones. It’s something Tina and I are extremely passionate about and we feel needs awareness. Tina has had a personal experience with this and has helped families in the past. For me it’s a spiritual mission but has become more personal as I’ve been more and more involved. Other popular songs are the title track which will be featured on the full band CD due out very soon. Also popular and appearing on the new album are “Dusty Old Town” “Fate Train” “After All These Beers” and several others. Now I have a MySpace which is constantly growing (over 2 million plays so far!!). My acoustic CD of 12 songs written by me is still selling (and has been since 2007). My band Fate Train and I will be recording our first CD together “A New Way To Fly” very soon. The title track has several meanings to it the main theme of which was inspired by Tina the love of my life. I know you will enjoy it. Thanks and God Bless! - Sam Watkins

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Hey check out my page I'm a Uk artist! follow me vote for me on my page/ on itunes
nice very nice keep it countryAn luv baby girl..
Glad I was the first to vote...great work keep up the good work.

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